The precepts are transformed into value: Quality.

At the base of our entrepreneurial success there is the will to keep in mind a fundamental principle: to design, produce and market professional work clothes that are of "Quality".

Ing. Scialfa - S&P S.r.l.


Aware of wanting to pursue the continuous improvement, both of the products and the services offered, S & P s.r.l., thanks to new collaborations with international customers and accredited suppliers, has received a further push towards the raising of quality standards.  To support these dynamics, the promotion of the culture of quality that requires the active and responsible involvement of all human resources, also committed to making effective the customer satisfaction and the reduction of costs due to any non-compliance.


Environment, Health and Safety: 

Brand Reputation.


Working in conditions of safety, health and respect for the internal and external environment is necessary in order to increase employee motivation, productivity and the reputation of our company.

In order to constantly operate in full compliance with the laws and codes relating to the Environment, Health and Safety, in the company, procedures have been introduced and exposed to promote and pursue the Quality Policies at all levels of the organization. In particular: 

  • We minimize waste and emissions responsibly, using water and energy efficiently, minimizing noise and recycling materials;

  • We regularly teach and train all the staff in order to make the workplace healthy and safe with the commitment to minimize exposure to health hazards, risk of accidents or possible injuries.